Our Journey & Ethos

Wild Beats was founded in 2021, following a hard year during the global pandemic.  There was recognition for how much connection, community and DANCE needed to come back into the lives of many, in a sensitive way.  Many of us have been impacted by the last year in one way or another and our aim is to offer a safe container where we can re-integrate with others.

We aim to offer somewhere for people to come and shake off whatever they feel they need to, in whichever way serves them best.

Our events will provide high quality music, tasty food and a welcoming crew. We promote playfulness & creativity in all its forms.

Community is at the heart of what we do, we hope that through coming to our events you will meet some new friends or make some great memories, while enjoying moving through the music or sharing some food.

move your body ~ free your mind 

What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic dance is free form dancing, used as a moving meditation.

During ED you are invited to come move however you see fit; as wildly or as gently as your body wishes. You may dance alone or find connection with someone else on the dance floor or you may spend the entire session spectating, lying down, howling – just whatever your body is inviting, allow it.

Ecstatic Dance sessions aim to take you through a sound journey, connecting you to many emotions and movements. The tempo and tone will fluctuate to encourage exploration of the many ways our bodies want to move.

At the start and end of each session there will be opening and closing circles. During the circles expect to partake in one or a few of the following; stretches, group warm ups/downs, games, ice breakers, meditations or sound healing.

Throughout the dance there will be some light facilitation, guiding guests with a few words here and there. 

We invite you to come connect to yourself, the music and perhaps the people dancing around you.

Be sure to establish your personal boundaries and be clear with these while you move through your dance.

Dancefloor ettiquette:

~ No talking, to feel the music more we keep our words quiet. Noises are welcomed but please save any chats and stories for once the music stops.

~ No phones, we are here to dance and share the moment with those who joined! 

~ No shoes, a barefoot practice is encouraged, to keep us rooted to the ground beneath while connecting us deeply to our movements. 

~ No substances, the dancefloor is a sober space, to feel the music one must really listen

Please note:

By holding sober spaces we open up the dancefloor to a wider crowd. Please respect the few rules by not showing up to any of our events under the influence.

If for any reason you need to wear shoes, this is totally fine. 

Phones may be used by crew for promotional purposes but we will always ask consent first. 

Alongside the dance floor we will have a small selection of fruit and other nibbles which you can help yourself to, all these refreshments will be donation based – pay what you feel. Your donations support helping the café stay alive & grow and any additional profits will be donated to PsyCareUK. 

We recommend bringing small change if you would like any refreshments. However, if you wish to make a donation before, during or after the event then you can support us on our ticket page by making a voluntary donation and letting us know its to support the Cafe.

If you haven’t already heard of them, then go check out PsyCare UK! Wild Beats have close affinity with this organisation and wish to support their growth and ethos. Please visit their website to learn more about the amazing work they are doing in the UK festival and event scene. 

Some of us find healing in dancing to music, while some of us heal through playing the sounds. 

Our jam sessions are open to all, no matter what your musical background is. We hope to hold space for people to feel comfortable enough to sing their song, bang their drum or share some of their musical talents in a group space. Guests are also welcome to come and simply watch.  

This is not an open mic but instead a space where collectively we can make some magic happen. A safe environment to be vulnerable and share any music which has not yet been unleashed into the world OR for practicing musicians to come and show us their skills, share those skills or hold the rhythm while we chime in with our musical offering. 

We each have our own unique sounds, we are all in different stages of our musical practice. No matter where you feel you are, or how good you think you sound, the jam session is a space for you to share and learn with others. 

We will have a small selection of instruments on offer for guests to use but please bring your own if you are a practicing musician.


Melodi (aka Jessi) is a self-taught DJ with an eclectic music taste.

Expect to hear music ranging from funky melodies, psychedelic inspired sounds, diverse world music and the occasional classic banger.

With a playful energy she hopes to bring out the inner child in her guests while holding a relaxing space where people will feel comfortable enough to find their flow. 

Coming from 9 years of events experience, Jess plans to take all the best bits of what she’s learnt along the way and offer them to the Wild Beats community.