Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

We have a whole host of events lined up for this year, with more still to come.


For few hours each month we will come together to create an environment where we can unleash our true selves and enjoy a sensory experience. Our indoor sessions will be a friendly space where one can immerse themselves in music, dance, art and song. Unlike our outdoor ecstatic dances we encourage anyone to bring instruments with them and to chime in with the music, if this instrument is your voice this is also welcome! We will have a selection of instruments to use, as well as a microphone set up for vocalists.




We will be dancing under candle light while immersed in beautiful scents and eclectic sounds. We welcome you to come just as you are, to be open to playfulness & diving deep into the evening with your bodies and all their wonderful functions, as well as connecting with those around you.

To immerse fully into the experience of dance and embodiment, we ask that guests arrive sober, dance without judgement, shoes, speaking and phones. This allows us to be deeply connected to the music and to one another’s body language.

~ ART ~

There will be a communal art piece which all are welcome to participate in, please feel free to bring your own paints/brushes/pens/pencils – though we will have supplies for you to share.


As always, we will have an altar and a chill space, you are welcome to add anything to the altar or bring your own cushions and blankets to make the space even cosier.

Our Generosity Café will have tea’s, snacks and cakes on offer for participants to help themselves to, please bring cash to donate to this, it is run on donations and the money we make supports PsyCare UK; a charity we have a close affinity with.

You are also welcome to bring any homemade goodies to add to the table, for people to enjoy over the course of the evening.


Our jam sessions are open to all, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a musician! We all have our place in a jam even if it is just humming along or jingling your keys. The jam is acoustic only, to keep neighbours happy! If you are a practicing musician we encourage you bringing your own instruments.




17.30 Arrive and settle

17.45 Opening circle & ice breakers

18.00 Dance with Miss Melodi

19.30 Sound healing – guest TBC

19.45 Closing circle

20.00 Jam session

21.45 End





58th Bristol Scout Group

Gadshill Rd, Eastville, Bristol BS5 6PU

There is a small carpark onsite and plenty of on street parking otherwise.


If you are coming on bike please be mindful there is very limited places to lock them up!

There is a small storage room inside the building where biked can be stored, contact us in advance to let us know if you will need to use this room

Lets start by saying that these spaces are also open to non-binary folk, gender neutral folk and trans-gender women. So, anyone who identifies in these ways are welcome to join. If anyone has sensitivities around the topic of gender please contact Wild Beats directly so we can work to ensure everyone feels safe before attending.
The vision is to journey through the next 3 months together with predominantly the same group of people.
It’s totally fine if you can’t make every month but the more you can make, the stronger the circle will become.
Each Friday session booked will be 18.30 to 21.45 at St Werberghs Community Centre.
The one Sunday session will be 13.00 to 18.15 at 58th Bristol Scout Group.
18.30 – doors open, welcome to the circle
18.45 – doors close, the sharing circle begins
– After the doors close at 18.45 no one will be able to enter, we are creating a sacred and safe container which means that we have to respect how disturbances could impact this. Please always arrive on time or risk missing the circle.
– During the circle we will begin with introductions, an opening to the space and the theme and then head into the sharing circle. Everyone will have a little over 4 minutes each to talk, some may need more and some less and of course the length of time will be determined by how many people attend.
20.20 – Grounding meditation & dance
– Following the circle we will all sit or lie comfortably, entering into a body scan ready to embody any thoughts or feelings that arose during the sharing.
– The dance is a space for further release to happen, letting our emotions flow through us with movement. Following the same themes as other conscious dance spaces we will dance barefoot, no talking, no phone, no judgement and no substances – simply immersing ourselves in the music and the journey we are entering into both with one another and within. Noises of release are welcomed and encouraged.
– We will dance under candle light & there will be a communal art piece which can be added to throughout the course of the evening.
21.20 – Closing circle and re-centring.
– During the session some people may experience some profound feelings and releases which help shift something inside them. It is important that we leave the space feeling that whatever has come up is left in the safety of the room. We will close the space by entering back into circle for a final share and shake off.
21.45 – We leave the space.
The themes planned for the next 2 sessions are;

🔸Session 3 – love & abundance
With this session being so close to festivities, we will come together and connect with love and abundance. All are invited to bring an anonymous offering as a ‘secret sister’ for someone else in the group to take home as a gift. The lead up to Christmas can also amplify lack of love or abundance or may not sit well with people who do not practice Christianity. We will hold a space for each other to wholeheartedly accept and talk about how these festivities make them feel.
🔸Session 4 – connections & cycles
Reaching a new year but ending a cycle of 4 months with new friends, we will celebrate the connections we have made and how we anticipate 2022 will be for us.
For our final Sunday session we will follow a very similar format to the previous 3 but dance for a little longer, have a guest sound healer come to close the space, and then we will eat together. Time will also be set aside to decide where we want to take the sessions through 2022.
Though sessions are themed, this does not mean that anyone is confined to talking about topics related to the theme. Any attendee is welcome to bring whatever they need to into the circle. The theme will help guide the space, the art piece and the music but it is not something we are strictly bound to when it comes to our expression.
Following each session we can go on an optional full moon walk together.
Please private message us to book a place, more info will be shared once interest is expressed.
Once places are confirmed we will discuss house-keeping & group boundaries/guidelines in a Signal group chat so everyone attending can feel a little more supported before entering into the physical space. This is something we will build together month on month.
Sessions are prices on a sliding scale.
£15 / £20 / £25 for the Friday sessions
£25 / £30 / £35 for the Sunday session
The payments are broken down as;
unwaged/waged/pay it forward
Please offer what you can 🌱
Each session will need 2 volunteers, so over the course of the 4 months this will give 8 people an opportunity to attend the event as an exchange. Ideally this will be 2 different women each month so that everyone has an opportunity to come as an exchange if they wish to (Nov & Dec already crewed).
Please be mindful that if you volunteer for a session you will be asked to arrive earlier and leave later, so please only sign up if you can realistically take this much time away from your responsibilities.
Our signal group is a small container where fine tuning the sessions will take place, as well as giving those participating a space to exchange tickets with other sisters (tickets are non refundable), make plans for the spaces and collaborate our ideas into a beautiful fusion of the many forms of feminine.
Looking forward to the months that follow, sharing space, ideas, vulnerabilities and more!
I am open to feedback and suggestions in this early stage, let’s make this baby grow!
Biggest of love and gratitude to you all!


Our finale of this 4 part  journey together. An extended day to come together and celebrate all that we have shared together. 


More info coming soon!

Take a look at our indoor event space ~ A beautiful and immersive haven for all to escape to

Past Events

Wow! Our first event was a total success, thank you so much for all of you that came and made it so memorable. 

Music was bought to you by Miss Melodi and sound healing by Element Handpan. 

Check out our social media pages for some lovely photos and videos captured during this event. 

Thank you for all of you who attendes out second event, we can feel the community growing bigger and stronger each time.

Special thanks for Omni Vibes for his final sound session. Music bought you by resident DJ Miss Melodi, thank you for dancing to her first ever live set! 

We had such a beautifully intimate gathering for this third editions.

Co-created by the wonderful multi-talented Charlie Battin, the first of many co-created Wild Beats events!

As the nights draw in, we want to express out gratitude to experiencing the sunset on site, especially when it is shared with our guests. It is moments like this that will be held tighly in the Wild Beats memory bank. 


What a way to end the summer! We invited in some fresh local talents to jam with us, big gratitude to EchoSphere and RumDumplin for bringing their musical skills! 


The community feels like it is growing and it is such a pleasure to host you lovely lot month after month!

As always, a big thanks to anyone who attended and brought their amazing dancing, singing, magical energy! 


We have enjoyed playing in the grass at Grow Wilder SO much this summer, and cannot wait to re-commence the fun back there again in the new year!


An amazing experience branching out to a new crowd. Our first indoor dance went down a treat, with some wild enthusiasm from our guests. We look forward to visiting the community again!

A beautiful, intimate gathering of women to celebrate the Full Moon and her energy.

We showed thanks to our sisterhood while releasing our emotions into the circle.

We danced, we cried, we laughed, we held one another.

It was an absolute pleasure to host this space, we look forward to what they will grow into!

Deepest of gratitude to all of you involved.

We hosted our first indoor mixed gender dance of the winter season and it was lovely! An intimate space with lots of musical expression combined with a fantastic healing experience. Always grateful for those of you who show up with your authenticity and vulnerability to express! 

This was a potent healing circle; coming together to release and share around the taboo topics of grief, sadness & anger. 

Emotions were high, and the moons energy was clearly present for us all. 

Gratitude for the holding from the group and how this enabled emotions to be shifted, shared and danced in the space. 

Take a peek at our summer venue, Grow Wilder. This beautiful ecology site is managed by Avon Wildlife Trust