Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Welcoming all WOMBen into a sacred space for an afternoon of sharing and releasing under the full moon’s energy.
Together we will explore ceremony with Mama Cacao and sharing in circle, followed by a dance journey to fully release what has come through.
Over the course of a few hours all participants will be invited to get in touch with their bodies through breath work, meditation and embodied practices.
The theme for this month’s circle is SAFETY. We want to hold space for our guests to drop into a vulnerable space, while feeling held by the group facilitators and the guests. We invite you to spend time before the session bringing thought to the word SAFETY and what this word means to you at present…
What makes you feel safe? Perhaps this is something you already have or is something you wish to draw into your life more. Ask yourself how could you attain this, does anything need to change? Or how have you reached a point of safety? Focusing on gratitude for what makes you feel this way.

Although we hold a theme for the event, this does not mean that women are not free to express whatever they desire during the sharing circle. This is a space to release whatever needs to come through at the time of the circle. We welcome all expression of emotion, good, bad, ugly – you will be held regardless.
🔸15.15 – Arrive and settle; all guests are asked to arrive promptly as doors will be closed and locked at 15.30. This is to ensure the container is held with no disturbances.
🔸15.30 – Opening the space and introducing ourselves and the theme
🔸15.45 – Vocal warm up to unify group
🔸16.00 – Sharing circle
🔸17.00 – Break for snacks and toilet
🔸17.20 – Cacao ceremony into movement
🔸18.30 – Dance journey
🔸20.10 – Closing share
🔸20.50 – Home time
🔸Cacao is a very potent plant medicine and it is advised that to feel the most of the cacao you do not eat for at least 2 hours before the ceremony to feels the full effects. We will provide light snacks for guests to graze on over the course of the evening after the ceremony has been closed.
🔸Please contact us if you are taking any medication, specifically anti-depressants, as this can interact with the cacao.
🔸Please bring a water bottle, a cushion, something to lie on and generally anything snuggly to keep you feeling comfortable during the many hours of circling. We will be sitting and lying for many parts of the session and we wish for all participants to be as comfortable as possible during this time.
🔸You are welcome to bring anything you wish to add to the altar, something of significance to you which you wish to be part of the day’s ceremony.
We have a small Signal group for all participants to join, once your place is confirmed you will be added to this group where we will discuss the finer details of the day.
The cost of this offering is a sliding scale of £25 – £35 on a pay what you can basis.
Please contact Wild Beats directly to express your interest in this event. You can send a direct message via Facebook or email info@wildbeats.org
Each woman will be sent further information about the session and a space will be confirmed once payment has been made. Payment is made via direct debit.
58th Scout Hut
Gadshill Rd,
There is a small car park on the premises for participants.

Past Events

Wow! Our first event was a total success, thank you so much for all of you that came and made it so memorable. 

Music was bought to you by Miss Melodi and sound healing by Element Handpan. 

Check out our social media pages for some lovely photos and videos captured during this event. 

Thank you for all of you who attendes out second event, we can feel the community growing bigger and stronger each time.

Special thanks for Omni Vibes for his final sound session. Music bought you by resident DJ Miss Melodi, thank you for dancing to her first ever live set! 

We had such a beautifully intimate gathering for this third editions.

Co-created by the wonderful multi-talented Charlie Battin, the first of many co-created Wild Beats events!

As the nights draw in, we want to express out gratitude to experiencing the sunset on site, especially when it is shared with our guests. It is moments like this that will be held tighly in the Wild Beats memory bank. 


What a way to end the summer! We invited in some fresh local talents to jam with us, big gratitude to EchoSphere and RumDumplin for bringing their musical skills! 


The community feels like it is growing and it is such a pleasure to host you lovely lot month after month!

As always, a big thanks to anyone who attended and brought their amazing dancing, singing, magical energy! 


We have enjoyed playing in the grass at Grow Wilder SO much this summer, and cannot wait to re-commence the fun back there again in the new year!


An amazing experience branching out to a new crowd. Our first indoor dance went down a treat, with some wild enthusiasm from our guests. We look forward to visiting the community again!

A beautiful, intimate gathering of women to celebrate the Full Moon and her energy.

We showed thanks to our sisterhood while releasing our emotions into the circle.

We danced, we cried, we laughed, we held one another.

It was an absolute pleasure to host this space, we look forward to what they will grow into!

Deepest of gratitude to all of you involved.

We hosted our first indoor mixed gender dance of the winter season and it was lovely! An intimate space with lots of musical expression combined with a fantastic healing experience. Always grateful for those of you who show up with your authenticity and vulnerability to express! 

This was a potent healing circle; coming together to release and share around the taboo topics of grief, sadness & anger. 

Emotions were high, and the moons energy was clearly present for us all. 

Gratitude for the holding from the group and how this enabled emotions to be shifted, shared and danced in the space. 

A wonderful evening spent fusing together many artistic outlets. The community spirit felt strong during this gathering and it feels sad to be saying goodbye to our mixed gender sessions until next year!

Our third edition was focusing on abundance and love, talking about how the Christmas period makes us feel and sharing gifts together.

This session was uplifting, it’s beautiful to see the community of women growing together. 

Take a look at our indoor event space ~ A beautiful and immersive haven for all to escape to

Take a peek at our summer venue, Grow Wilder. This beautiful ecology site is managed by Avon Wildlife Trust